2022 Honda CRF125F

CRF125F A step up before they step out....



A step up before they step out.


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Engine Size
125 cc
Front: 70/100-17 Rear: 90/100-14
Front: 220 mm disc Rear: drum
1,220 mm (48 in.)
Curb Weight
88 kg (194 lb.) including required fluids and full tank of gas—ready to ride
Engine Type
Air-cooled, single-cylinder
Final Drive
#428 chain, 13T/46T
Seat Height
738 mm (29.1 in.)
Valve Train
SOHC; two vales
4-speed with manual clutch
Bore & Stroke
52.4 mm x 57.9 mm
Fuel Capacity
3.7 litres, 0.7 litre reserve
Fuel Delivery
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection 22 mm throttle body
Rear Suspension
Pro-Link® Showa single shock; 140 mm (5.51 in.) travel
Front Suspension
31 mm leading-axle Showa fork; 133 mm (5.24 in.) travel
Compression Ratio


Reliable four-stroke engine2022 Honda CRF125F

The CRF125F’s dependable four-stroke, single-cylinder engine offers strong performance with a wide powerband—perfect for a wide range of riders, including beginners. Fuel injection makes it even better and more efficient.

Fuel-injection2022 Honda CRF125F

Fuel injection means the CRF125F starts right up, even in cold weather. Compared to a carbureted bike, it not only helps reduce emissions, enhance performance and fuel efficiency but also helps ensure a smooth flow of power for easier handling and less troublesome operation and maintenance.

Led indicators2022 Honda CRF125F

Handy LED lights indicate ignition ON, low fuel, and PGM-FI status. No second guessing if you’ve left the key on or you’re about to run out of gas, and another way Honda helps make basic motorcycle operation easy.

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Rugged steel frame2022 Honda CRF125F

The CRF125F uses a strong twin-spar frame that borrows its design from the CRF-R line, providing enhanced rigidity with just the right amount of tuned flex for optimum handling in a variety of conditions. Combining strenth with light weight, it's a stable foundation for both novice and skilled riders.

Proven manual clutch2022 Honda CRF125F

Honda's heavy-duty clutch is durable and helps promote smooth shifting by working seamlessly with the four-speed gearbox. This is just like a full-sized motorcycle, giving your rider all the control they need.

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Low seat height2022 Honda CRF125F

It's important to have a bike that's sized right for your rider. The CRF125F's low 738 mm (29.1 in.) seat height helps build confidence right from the start.

Electric starter2022 Honda CRF125F

Push a button and go—that’s how easy it is to get going on a CRF125F. Starts after a tip-over are a snap and no need to worry about trying to kick start the bike when you turn off the engine.

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Keyed ignition switch2022 Honda CRF125F

For added security, the keyed ignition switch lets you control who goes riding and when—important if you have younger riders in the house.

Big Wheel version available (CRF125FB) Small Wheel version available (CRF125F)2022 Honda CRF125F

Want something a little larger? Check out our CRF125F Big Wheel—the same great bike but a better fit for taller riders.

Front disc brake2022 Honda CRF125F

The front disc brake provides superior stopping power, and the front disc rotor is drilled for lightness and better wet-weather performance.

Suspension2022 Honda CRF125F

The CRF125F's leading axle Showa forks and Pro-Link Showa shock deliver an excellent combination of spring and damping rates to cover a wide range of riding conditions.

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