2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT

Athletic Styling The 2023 Gold Wing takes a serious less-is-more approach when it comes to style, performance and attitude. The eye-catching bodywork still offers the excellent wind and weather protection riders have come to expect, but it’s even leaner and more aerodynamic now, exposing more of the engine and chassis. On the road, it’s also lighter, more responsive and more athletic – this is definitely n...


Athletic Styling

The 2023 Gold Wing takes a serious less-is-more approach when it comes to style, performance and attitude. The eye-catching bodywork still offers the excellent wind and weather protection riders have come to expect, but it’s even leaner and more aerodynamic now, exposing more of the engine and chassis. On the road, it’s also lighter, more responsive and more athletic – this is definitely not your granddaddy’s touring bike.


Gold Wing DCT
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2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Adjustable Electric Windscreen

Every touring rider can appreciate the extra wind and weather protection from the Gold Wing’s fully adjustable electric-powered windscreen. For better usability, the windscreen moves both up and down over a 4.1 inch range, changing it's angle as it raises and lowers, and will move to the lowest position when the ignition is turned off. When you start to ride again (5 km/h or more), the windscreen returns to the last position you set it.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Brilliant LED Lighting

Day or night, you’ll love the Gold Wing’s Brilliant LED lighting. The LED headlight design helps to light the way brilliantly when it’s dark, while the headlight and LED tail light contribute to the bike’s sleek styling. Plus, angular mirrors feature integrated self-cancelling LED turn signals. The Gold Wing is now equipped with LED fog lights.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Distinctive Wheels & TPMS

Form meets function in the Gold Wing's distinctive wheels, which look sharp while adding to the bike’s composed handling. A wide 200 section width rear tire grips the road firmly, while the standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) automatically warns you of low tire pressure on all Gold Wing models and includes a dashboard readout of the actual front and rear pressure in PSI.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Android Auto + Apple CarPlay

Get directions, make a call, receive messages, or even listen to your favourite cruising playlist through onboard controls or voice recognition – it’s easy to do all this and more by incorporating your iPhone or Android into the Gold Wing’s built-in display.

*For using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, connection to a commercially available Bluetooth headset is necessary. Please refer to your Bluetooth headset manufacturer for optimal audio settings for use with Android Auto.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Bluetooth Connectivity

Seamlessly connect compatible electronic devices via Bluetooth connectivity, available on all Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour models to conveniently enjoy MP3, iPod and USB integration onboard.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT 7-inch Navigation & Audio Display

The Gold Wing’s dashboard is your multi-media info and control centre when you’re on the road. Its intuitive 7-inch LCD display houses the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System to help you find the best way to your destination. Plus, the dashboard incorporates a host of premium audio features with improved settings, and is compatible with the Sirius XM for even more audio options (requires SiriusXM subscription activation to use).

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Smart Key Fob

For those who appreciate the ultimate in convenience and security, the Gold Wing’s smart key fob never has to leave your pocket. The proximity-key system starts the bike at the touch of a button and also conveniently opens storage compartments.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Smooth, Responsive Power

The Gold Wing gets its impressive power from an 1,833 cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine with four-valve Unicam cylinder head design. Not only does this advanced engine produce loads of power from way down low in the rev range, it delivers that power in an incredibly smooth and responsive manner.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Selectable Riding Modes

Switch between four Selectable Riding Modes to easily find the power and performance to match your preferred riding style or the road conditions. Choose between Sport, Tour, Econ or Rain modes to automatically adjust throttle response, and braking characteristics.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Advanced Ride Technology

Throttle-by-wire contributes to the Gold Wing’s stellar throttle response and smooth power delivery. Open road ahead? Standard electronic cruise control helps to make the ride even more relaxing.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT)

The Gold Wing Tour DCT incorporates our revolutionary 7-Speed Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission, which takes the joy of riding to the next level by automating clutch and shift operation while retaining the direct feel of a manual transmission. DCT lets you take in the scenery and focus on your ride rather than which gear you should be in.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Walking Speed Modes

All Gold Wings with DCT transmissions feature forward/reverse Walking Speed modes that allow you to creep forward or reverse under power using the DCT system combined with the Shift Down and Shift Up levers. Walking Speed modes move the motorcycle at approximately 1.8 km/h forward and 1.2 km/h backward. Think how easy it will be to get in and out of tight parking spots with a fully loaded bike, especially if you need to roll back uphill.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Innovative Front Suspension

The Gold Wing’s innovative double-wishbone front suspension is not only revolutionary, it also improves handling and rider ergonomics. The design changes the path the wheel travels through the suspension stroke, and that allowed Honda engineers move both the engine and the rider/passenger closer to the front wheel. You get more room, and stellar road manners.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Heated Grips

Part of riding a bike is enjoying the elements. But nobody likes being cold. That’s why every Gold Wing comes equipped with heated grips as standard equipment.


2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Idle Stop System​​​​​​​

The industry’s first and exclusive Idle Stop System automatically stops/starts the engine when the motorcycle is stationary. The key goals when developing this system were to make starts very quiet and smooth in addition to reducing fuel consumption and lowering noise for the riders at traffic lights. The engine stops after about 3 seconds. To restart the bike, the rider simply twists the throttle and the engine immediately starts. This feature can be manually shut off through the Vehicle Setting Menu in the infotainment system or on the right toggle Start switch.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) constantly monitors your bike’s rear-wheel speed, and adjusts torque instantly. It’s a great feature when riding in the rain, on sandy, gritty roads, over wet leaves, or anywhere else where surface conditions can compromise traction.

2023 Honda GOLD WING DCT Hill Start Assist​​​​​​​

Getting going when you’re stopped on an hill can be challenging, but not with the Gold Wing’s standard Hill Start Assist (HSA). This feature momentarily holds (3 seconds) your motorcycle’s position on inclines when the brakes are released and before you apply the throttle, eliminating any roll-back drama. It’s a great convenience, allowing smoother uphill launches and more rider confidence.

engine & drivetrain

Liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder
SOHC, Unicam, 4 valves per cylinder
1,833 cc
Six-speed manual with overdrive and electric low speed reverse function
73 mm x 73 mm
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection 34 mm throttle body

chassis & suspension

Pro Arm® Single-sided swingarm and Pro-Link® system with manually controlled cushion preload adjustment; 105 mm (4.1 in.) travel
Double Wishbone; 110 mm (4.3 in) travel

dimensions and additional information

Front: 130/70R - 18 Rear: 200/55R - 16
Front: dual 320 mm discs Rear: single 316 mm disc
Mat iridium grey met/ mat morion black (2-tone)
3 year, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty; extended coverage available with Honda Plus.
1,695 mm (66.7 in.)
Electronically controlled Dual Combined Brake System (CBS) with ABS
366 kg (804 lb.) including required fluids and full tank of gas - ready to ride
745 mm (29.3 in.)
21 litres
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